Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Decisions Decisions

How many of us have brought makeup that we end up not using, or end up buying because of the pleading look in the sales assistant's eyes? *Raises hand*
Yesterday while out shopping for makeup not only did I have the ongoing battle with myself of whether I actually NEEDED it, I had the sales assistant hovering around me trying to recommend everything else I should buy!

I then witnessed a woman (poor thing) being bombarded with a list of everything she could possibly need. She had a very unsure, not too confident look about what she was about to buy. She paid for her purchases but didn't walk away looking like a happy customer.

Ladies don't feel pressured into buying things. Just because the sales assistant suggests you should buy the whole collection ( okay so I've exaggerated a little, but you know what I mean) does not mean you have to! Don't get me wrong the sales assistants can be very helpful but whatever you buy, let it be completely your decision.

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