Saturday, 23 July 2011

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Why it took me so long to get round to trying this concealer I have no idea. More fool me because its amazzinnngg! I have fairly scarred skin from having acne in my teens and I never wanted to use a full coverage foundation on a daily basis, as I still wanted the good parts of my skin to come through. Other concealers I have tried have being fine if I'm honest, but most of them have always had a creamy consistency. That combined with my oily skin type meant having to whip out my mirror throughout the day to do any touch ups.

The texture of this concealer is more waxy rather than creamy. When applied it stays....and I mean it stays!
There are two shades that you can custom blend, depending on your colouring at different times during the year. My forehead is slightly darker than the rest of my face and I have some pigmentation around the mouth, so this concealer is perfect for me because I'm using one product, but able to blend the correct tones for the different areas on my face.  The concealer is very pigmented and has amazing coverage so you only need a small amount of product to achieve a fantastic result!

If you're looking for a good under eye concealer look the other way!  This concealer is not designed for that 1. Because of the texture and 2. It is the kind of concealer that would get in fine lines under the eyes and make the area look cakey (not a good look on anyone). If you really wanted to use this under the eyes, then you could mix a little with some moisturiser or add a little to a creamier concealer for extra coverage if you feel you very have dark shadows.

I'm totally impressed with this and for £26.00 I think it is worth every penny. What concealers do you like?


Jennifer - NennyLou said...

I too have a few scars from acne and I am definitely on the look out for a product which will cover these up without making my face look cakey. I currently use MAC Studio Finish concealer and although it gives me a good cover up my scars are still visible.
With the texture being quite waxy do you find that this product is any good for your oily skin? I have comb/oily skin and so I want to avoid adding oils xoxo

Tasha Makes Up said...

I was using the Mac studio Finish concealer too and I had the same problem. My skin is also combo/oily and this concealer stays put and doesn't add any additional oil. I just apply the concealer and set with powder. Seriously love this x